Battery Backup Sump Pump Check The Best Sump Pump

Water in the basement can come from several sources but most commonly are the result of either a naturally high water table or water welling up in the ground following torrential rain. In these situations sump pumps can be lifesavers or at least home savers. The problem is that all too often the inclement weather that brings the torrential rain is the same inclement weather that knocks out the power, thereby rendering your sump pump inoperative.The solution is to have a backup pump on hand and one that isn’t dependent on the power grid. Battery powered backups are becoming increasingly commonplace but how do you know which is the best sump pump with good battery backup and which ones are the pretenders? Below we’ll look at what we consider the  best battery powered backups on the market today.

WAYNE ESP25 12 Volt Battery Backup for Sump Pump

The ESP25 battery powered backup from Wayne is a tough customer that can pump up to 3300 gallons of water per hour. That should be enough to deal with all but the most extreme flooding conditions and keep in you good shape until the primary power comes back on. The ESP25’s 1/3 horsepower motor is powered by a 12 volt DC power source. The polyethylene battery case is plenty sturdy and can accommodate a group 27 lead acid battery. The ESP25 is a standalone piece of equipment that will work as a backup to just about any sump pump currently on the market. Primary features include:
• 3300 gallons per hour or 2300 gallons per hour at 10 feet of lift.
• Thermoplastic housing is corrosion proof.
• Backup system activation alarm.
• Assembled with the foreign and domestic part in the USA.
• 1 year limited warranty.
The ESP25 doesn’t require any high tech wizardry to determine if it’s time to switch on. A single float switch does the trick. Simply put, if the water is high enough to activate the pump the pump comes on. The thinking here is that the backup should engage not only when the main has failed, but when the main is having difficulty keeping up with volume. It’s a common sense approach that’s refreshing.
With a fully charged battery this unit should be able to keep your basement dry for up to 3 days. With the Wayne ESP25 on the job you’ll never again worry about power outages or whether your current pump will keep up with extraordinary weather events.


Of course the wayne sump pump for your home is the one that fits all your particular requirements. But there are a slew of things that go into making that determination including build quality, gallons moved per hour, durability, size and, of course, price. All of the units reviewed here would be more than adequate to serve the needs of the average homeowner and to serve those needs dependably for many years. We hope you found this review of the best battery backup sump pump units helpful.