Smart Schemes to Making Your House Appear Bigger

Seven Home Space-Widening Tips

Don’t be fooled by what you see if you think that your home space is too small for you. The truth is, you just don’t know how to maximise your home space. There are actually many tricks in making small-spaced homes look wider as many home inspectors suggest. Here are some that you can easily try.

16Use bright house paint colors – If you have a budget for house repaint, it is highly advisable to use bright colors if you wish to make your living space look wider. Don’t use dark colors as it can make the room look more crowded and enclosed. What you need to do is to give your home interior a refreshing look. If you think that bright colors are too boring for you, you can still contrast it with darker ones through your furniture and other house items.

Proper lighting – Just like having bright-colored house paint, proper lighting can also make your home space appear bigger. It is also best if you can use natural light. This can lighten the atmosphere and give your home a more natural and cozier look.

Efficient storage solutions – It is important that everything within your home has its own place and storage. This way, you get to save more space than you think. Install new cabinets and drawers to useless corners. A good example of this is the space under the stairs.

Go for multi-purpose furniture – If you are still unfamiliar with multi-purpose furniture, then you will be surprised how amazing these are. There are some innovative furniture designers who could think of these. There is one that is initially a drawer but when you put it down, it can also be used as a long table or a bed. There is also a dining table for four but once you pull something underneath, it can transform to a table good for six.

Keep your home always tidy – Maybe you just don’t notice how much living space you have due to all the scattered mess you have in your home. Why not have a general cleaning and throw all the stuff that you don’t really need? After that, you will get to see a refreshing side of your home.

Make use of mirrors – You may also use optical illusion. For this, wide mirrors are the best when it comes to tricking anyone to making any space look bigger than it seems. You can put a wide mirror in your living room or even in your bedroom.

Be a minimalist – Well, less is more can also be applied here. If you are the type of person that does not need much, then you can go for a minimalist home style. You can do more research about it by looking at modern houses.

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